Oasis Community Partnership exists to provide faith-based educational, nutritional, vocational, residential, recreational, and therapeutic support services for the purpose of cultivating healthy families and a strong community in Swatara Township and surrounding areas. 

our focus

Community Engagement


Oasis Community Partnership is partnering with Living Water Community Church and Swatara Township to create a playground on the church's property. We desire to see Swatara Township and the surrounding community come together to enjoy this facility.

The Playground is finished and open for anyone in the community to use it!

Addressing Hunger


Food and shelter are two of the most basic, yet necessary needs of a person. Even in Central Pennsylvania there are people that are hungry and in need of food. Oasis Community Partnership operates a Food Pantry in the facilities of Living Water Community Church. Click the link below to find out more information about our services.

Empowering Single Parents


  Single Mom's and Dad's have the unique challenge of arranging and being financially responsible for child care and housing arrangements. The average cost of a one bedroom apartment in Central Pennsylvania is just under $800, which on top of groceries, utility bills, and other necessities, can be a challenge for single parents to afford. Our plan is to secure local condominiums/apartments and single family homes that can be rented out to single parents based on their financial ability. The intention is that during this process it would enable them to save for a downpayment and eventually experience the joy of homeownership. 

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