The Oasis playground

 In the City of Harrisburg and the communities that immediately adjoin it, reside 31,000 children, from birth to fourteen years old, who are in need of a strong sense of community and affordable recreational opportunities. These two needs are met in something as simple as a playground. 

For decades playgrounds have enhanced public spaces and strengthened communities, while encouraging healthy play, which in turn boosts the physical and mental development of children. 

Unfortunately, our communities are lacking playgrounds and many of the existing ones have fallen into disrepair or simply have become obsolete. To this end, Oasis Community Partnership, Swatara Township, and Living Water Community church have partnered together address this community need by constructing a 5,000 square foot community playground in Swatara Township on the 28 acre campus of Living Water Community Church, the former site of The Children’s Home of Harrisburg.

In 2004, when Living Water Community Church purchased the property from The Children’s Home of Harrisburg, it was always the dream of the church to not only restore the property to its former grander with manicured lawns, beautiful gardens, sprawling wooded areas and a picturesque walking trail along a babbling stream, but to also create a recreational place where children of all ethnicities, economic statuses, and abilities could enjoy to the fullest. Over the last decade, the once neglected property has been meticulously restored and is now ready for the long awaited community playground. 

The playground will be constructed in two phases. Phase One was completed in June 2019 and 

Phase 2 will be completed in Summer 2020. Below is what Phase Two will include. 

Phase two (Spring/Summer 2020) will feature a smaller play structure with a capacity of 20 children ages 2 to 5 years. This structure will be augmented with a discovery cave that is especially designed for children with specials needs. In addition there will be a six bay swing set that includes swings for infants and their parents, as well, swings for children ages 2 through 12.

The community playground is a private/public partnership with Living Water Community Church providing the land, Oasis Community Partnership providing the bulk of the funding and Swatara Township assisting in the installation and on-going maintenance.


If you would like to partner with us in making our community a better place, with healthier children and families, would you please consider making a generous tax-deductible donations to Oasis Community Partnership, 206 Oakleigh Avenue, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17111, or click below. All contributed funds will go directly to making the community playground a reality.

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